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The Trump-GOP is using classic Putin-style / fascist tactics.

I've called it the "you're the puppet" technique, which is to accuse your opponents of what you are doing. It's quite effective.

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The ultimate goal is to undermine truth . . .

2/ . . . and what @TimothyDSnyder calls "factuality."

To put it simply, they confuse the issues so thoroughly that nobody can sort out what is true and what isn't.

Steve Bannon called it "flooding the zone with shit."

Eventually . . .

3/ . . . people give up trying to figure out what's true and what isn't.

They declare the truth unknowable.

When that happens, totalitarianism (or whatever name you prefer) can take over.

"Without truth, you can't speak truth to power, so there is only power." @jasonintrator

4/ @TimothyDSnyder explains that fascism begins by clearing away factuality, so that myth (lies) can take over.

Trump has never planned a traditional legal defense.

I know because he openly obstructs the proceedings.
You can't prepare a traditional defense while breaking laws.

5/ Trump's "defense" has always been to beat the charges against him by undermining factuality.

When someone is trying to destroy democracy, the antidote is to strengthen democracy.


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You gotta love it. It takes me 5 tweets. Then someone comes along and answers the question in 9 words.

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