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Some days I think that if Democrats would cut a secret deal with them to impeach only Trump and not Pence, Republicans would sign on the dotted line *right now* just to get rid of this national disgrace, who will be an albatross around the neck of the Republican Party for decades

PS/ There is no plan (nor sufficient basis) to impeach Pence, based on my own research across two books. So I think it's not impossible that at least *some* Republicans are thinking, if we'd rather have Pence, why not get him installed *now* so he can run strong in November 2020?

PS2/ The fear in the Republican Party, however, is that supporting the impeachment of Trump would so alienate Trump voters that a loss in November 2020 would be inevitable—especially as Trump would spend the next year telling his cultists not to vote for *any* Republican in 2020.

PS3/ On the other hand, if Republicans banded together to say "All right we've had enough, this actually crosses a line," it'd *soften* the PR blow among Trump's cultists and—if they did it this November or December—give Pence a *year* as president to prove himself to GOP voters.

PS4/ Pence lied about whether he knew Flynn was committing a felony (by negotiating U.S. policy with foreign nations), but Democrats seem disinterested in all of that, so it'd take more info suggesting he knew about the Ukraine quid pro quo to get them to consider impeaching him.

PS5/ The only thing that really upsets me is when people say "Yeah, but wouldn't Pence be worse?" It suggests that that person has *no idea* why Trump is getting impeached—and thinks (as the GOP wrongly does) that it's just politics. It's *not*—it's because he's committed crimes.

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