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If this is true—a big "if"—it links the Trump campaign and administration to Saudi Arabia's kidnapping/death squads in a manner consistent with the literally thousands of major-media citations in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY. Zamel aided Trump during the campaign. 

1/ Even if Zamel—who confessed to federal witness George Nader that he (illegally) aided the Trump campaign, and is *represented by the Trumps' lawyer*—said no to assassinating Khashoggi, the Saudi death squads discussed in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY were scheduling *kidnappings*, too.

2/ During the period Forensic News alleges Zamel was discussing Khashoggi with the Saudis, the Saudis were trying to figure out a plan for kidnapping Khashoggi—something his involvement with a third party would have helped MBS achieve, as his movements could be readily monitored.

3/ One reason I credit this FN story is because Stedman has been correct—and offered worthwhile exclusives—before; another reason is that Zamel definitely—per all the research in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY—was in a business arrangement with the Saudis *and* did "third-party" ghost-work.

4/ Indeed, PROOF OF CONSPIRACY offers substantial evidence that Zamel's work was done in conjunction with *both* the Kremlin's propaganda campaign *and* Cambridge Analytica; Zamel's ties to Rybolovlev and CA put him at the center of the Trump family's gravest foreign collusions.

5/ That Zamel is represented by the Trumps' lawyer tells us a great deal—given the family's penchant for entering into Joint Defense Agreements with prospective Trump codefendants and using Roy Cohn-like attorneys/fixers to have "privileged" conversations about criminal activity.

6/ In other words, I've read the FN story and I can't find a single fact in it that would be inconsistent with the thousands and thousands of major-media citations in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, and it's from an outlet that has had reliable exclusives in the past. But I guess we'll see.

7/ Backup link for the story, for those having difficulty accessing it: 

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