A.R. Moxon (Julius Ghost) @JuliusGoat Author of THE REVISIONARIES, coming 12/3/19 Pre-order: static.mhpbooks.com/the-revisionaries/ Newsletter: tinyletter.com/ARMoxon He/him Repped by @samroebuck Oct. 22, 2019 1 min read

An abuser is always simultaneously the hero and the victim of his own story.

An abuser lies, not to be believed, but to confuse truth, until belief is not an option.

An abuser can never disappoint. He can only be disappointed.

An abuser can never do wrong. He can only be wronged.

The one thing an abuser cannot abide is something that interferes with his ongoing favorable self-regard.

This is the only abuse an abuser recognizes, the only injustice an abuser can possibly imagine.

What an abuser wants is endless renewable reconciliation without reparation.

He wants continuation of the power that allowed all previous abuse, and the permission to continue that abuse without consequence.

An abusive person wants your complicity.

He'll rage if denied it.

And if he can’t have complicity, then he'll try to confuse. He'll lie endlessly. He'll lie obviously. He'll reward anyone who pretends to believe him.

Convincing you the lies are not the point. Making you wonder if you’re crazy is the point.

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