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Happy Tuesday! Ready for some ROUNDTABLE casting announcements? Now's a good time to go ahead and grab your tickets, we promise: 

And before we get to it: Check out our incredible poster from @GravillisInc! #BlackListLive

.@ComedyBangBang. @bigbangtheory. @CrashingHBO. And now, #BlackListLive!

On November 2nd, @laurenlapkus stars in Brian K. Vaughan's ROUNDTABLE @TheMontalban! Grab your seats now: 

From Camp Firewood to @nbcbrooklyn99 to #BlackListLive: @JoeLoTruglio stars in Brian K. Vaughan's ROUNDTABLE @TheMontalban on November 2nd! Select your seats: 

You've seen him live from New York, but on November 2nd, @JayPharoah will be LIVE on @TheMontalban's stage for Brian K. Vaughan's ROUNDTABLE at #BlackListLive! See you there: 

We can't wait for you to join us @TheMontalban on November 2nd for Brian K. Vaughan's ROUNDTABLE - see you soon!


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