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1/ I work with lots of founders who from day one are thinking about building diverse, inclusive teams. I'd love to gather as many strategies, tips, advice, and resources as possible to help them out.

2/ Here are some starting points I've gathered from founders like Amal Aziz (@sellwithAMI), @HanadieYousef, @harryglaser, and @sbyrnes:
- if your pipeline isn't diverse, try different recruiting channels
- if some channels are better for diversity than others, double down on them

- if your pipeline is diverse but your team isn't, you likely have a company culture or interviewing problem (start debugging!)
- use tools like @textio to make sure your job spec language is inclusive
- explicitly mention in job postings that your company values diversity

- adjust your expectations for the "right fit" for a role to ensure it includes non-traditional backgrounds and experience
- if you're hiring a recruiter, ask them for their diversity stats; if they don't know the stats, don't work with them

- proactively reach out to promising candidates and don't wait for them to reach out to you
- the more diverse your exec team, the easier it is to attract a more diverse set of candidates
- refuse to hire for a role until you see a diverse set of candidates for it

6/ What other advice and suggestions and resources would you recommend?

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