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Playing Indivisible again last night, and it's striking how any discussion of the game seems to have faded away. And that's a pity, because it is so full of character, and despite some flawed gameplay, when it's good, it is *REALLY* good.

And I don't know where to point the finger exactly, whether it's just a casualty of this monstrously packed release schedule or not, but I was expecting it to see a similar reaction to Bloodstained, at the very least a buzz about it being a successful crowdfunded title. But nope?

It's not perfect, and I definitely have issues with some of the platforming sections, especially how imprecise and finicky the axe grab feels. It kills the momentum when you can't tell whether it's you that messed up or the game. But other than that, I've been adoring it.

The characters are wonderful, the writing delightful, the art and animation are top tier, the music is phenomenal, and the combat is so starkly different to anything else that's going at the moment, it's a triumph. But I saw no videos about it from the usual YouTubers I expected?

I see nobody I follow streaming it either. It seems to have just released and been swallowed up by the void. And that's an absolute shame, because it doesn't deserve this, and compared to everything else that's come out it's a thoroughly unique game that offers quite a lot.

Meanwhile, we're *still* talking about Fallout 76 because that's a trainwreck that won't stop wrecking. Bad games that screw up horribly have better staying power than unique and interesting ones, and games with horrendous monetisation garner more attention than ones without.

And I can't exactly point fingers at content creators over this either, they have livelihoods to look after while dealing with an algorithm that seemingly only rewards negativity and outrage, while burying positive content. Anthem is all but dead, yet we still talk about that?

And I've lamented that there's been a *LOT* of games releasing all at once lately, so much that I can barely keep track and sadly have had to skip quite a few I was interested in. It's been an absolute avalanche of really, really terrific titles, which is a blessing and a curse.

We expend so much time talking about how game experiences are being ruined with predatory monetisation and gambling mechanics, the negative impact it has on people's lives, yet there's a wealth of far better games without any of those issues that are routinely left to the wayside

This isn't just about Indivisible either, there are so god damn many terrific games offering truly unique experiences without any of the late-stage capitalism rot attached.

Like, get in on Disco Elysium already! There's nothing else like it out there.

I want to have some more time with it before I put it on my curator page, but Jesus gluesniffing Christ on a bender Disco Elysium is beyond amazing! Do not skip out on it.

But I'm still playing the absolute hell out of Noita, Children of Morta is every shade of magnificent...

Same goes for Indivisible, despite my complaints about some of the clunky platforming (one section in particular is a pain), it's definitely going on the curator page.

Also, Razmi is such a mood!

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