Charity Majors @mipsytipsy CTO @honeycombio, ex-Parse, Facebook, Linden Lab; cowrote Database Reliability Engineering; loves whiskey, rainbows. I test in production and so do you. 🌈🖤 Oct. 24, 2019 1 min read

🖤adult evening schedule🖤

* ice cream bar(s) for dinner
* open mail from @pdehlke. nearly die of joy
* accidentally lock self out of office while admiring own self's new shirt

in case you can't make out the script --

"In distributed systems
Caches count as state"


unicorns are ✨crushing it✨ in the silent battle to be distsys royalty slash official mascot, btw. 💜🦄☺️

... maybe someone oughta tell them we don't battle any more, all they need to do is show up and say "I AM MASCOT" whenever a quorum of us are out drinking together. 😄

sorry lol

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