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20+ years the GOP have gamed the Election system. Machines, Gerrymandering, Suppression, Crosscheck and more. And here we are and they still need more. Their time is up so they stand behind a failed President and support the Russian Hacking of our Election System.


Just remember with all of this and Russia and Fake News and Social Media attacks they stole the last Election by less than the attendance of a Dallas Cowboys Football Game.

They have a problem. With all that they did it barely worked and that was with only 57.9% of Eligible Voters Voting. People old enough to have been eligible to Vote. Over 40% did not vote. 90 Million Eligible Voters didn’t vote.

They can’t make up for a record turnout. They have nothing left if we religiously check our Voter Registrations. If we all take an active roll in making sure those we know Vote and those that need it have a ride to the polls.

The news cycle is finally trending in our direction. The GOP is scrambling. People outside of Social Media are seeing it on their nightly news and are waking up. Trump and the GOP’s crimes are in plain site.

College students are registering in record numbers. We are going to do the largest Turn Out the Vote drive this country has ever seen. We took care of business in the Midterms. Even with that turnout we overcame. 2020 will make that turnout look weak.

If Congress doesn’t get rid of Trump we will have the pleasure. While we are at it we will take many more down with him. Register Dem and Vote Dem.

If we turn out an additional 15% to 20% over 2016 an additional 10 to 12 Million Voters they have no more magic in their bag to stop us. We did it in the midterms. We can do it bigger and better. We have to.

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