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Well the @GenFlynn Motion to Compel exculpatory material was worth the wait.
We do have to separate what @SidneyPowell1 is alleging & the new evidence. Not everything a lawyer alleges in an argument is proven, it includes their theory of what it means.

Unfortunately, many of the key documents are still sealed, so we can't discern what is ironclad & what is inference based upon those documents.

Clearly spelled out is the strategy, not to have General Flynn withdraw is guilty plea as the judge has repeatedly asked him to do. But to use the guilty plea to get this information into the public light & force the judge to dismiss the charges!

Interesting, the DOJ did provide Flynn with the final copy of 302 before he plead guilty. So he knew that the agents involved falsified that 302 before his guilty plea, if his lawyers let him read it.
Increases the odds that the guilty plea was a designed trap for McCabe's team.

Remember the timeline.
11/29/17 McCabe interviewed by OIG for the final chance to come clean.
11/30/17 Flynn's attorney's given evidence that showed their client was probably innocent.
11/30/17 Attorney's have Flynn plead guilty.
12/1/17 Judge Contreras accepts guilty plea.

12/2/17 First Strzok/Page texts are released
12/2/17 DOJ OIG announces an investigating into Strzok & Page & their potential misconduct in the MYE & Russia investigations.
12/4-6/17 Judge recused.
12/5/17 Bruce Ohr demoted
12/7/17 Judge Sullivan assigned to the Flynn case.

Also of note, the recent FISA Court of Review ruling that declared the FBI's use of 702 Queries to be unconstitutional. Don't know if it is related, but it discusses a variety of suspicious non-compliant FISA Queries.
One occurred on 12/1/17.
Another set began on 12/7 thru 12/11.

Is it just a coincidence that someone was conducting non-compliant FISA searches the day Gen. Flynn plead guilty?
Is it also a coincidence that another set of queries was conducted from the day Judge Sullivan was appointed but stopped when his Brady Order was issued on 12/12/17?

Obviously they are looking at the exact same timeline, it was these events from December of 2017 that lead to my interest in this case.

Ha! The DOJ produced the Brady Material texts between Page & Strzok by giving them links to the files posted online!
Interesting though, they handed over texts in October 2018 showing Page edited the Flynn 302.

Interesting that this text about using the dossier as a pretext is public but DOJ still hasn't produced it to Flynn's defense team. Wonder what other texts around it might put into even worse context...

While Sidney's opening paragraph's say that Director @Comey orchestrated the Flynn interview, notice who is conspicuously missing from the meetings where the interview was orchestrated?
Yep, Comey...
It was McCabe's show...

Now if Comey was actually part of the plot to get Flynn, why would he go on TV 8 days before Flynn's scheduled sentencing hearing, and publicly divulge exculpatory evidence. Forcing the DOJ to provide a summary of additional exculpatory evidence 4 days before the hearing.

Back from meetings so I can pick this back up!

Comey let McCabe walk into an ambush, he likely knew that McCabe was trying to frame Flynn. Who sent Strzok into the trap. But he also simultaneously sabotaged whatever plans Yates had in regards to Flynn.

I think the real reason Yates was upset is because her plan involved using Flynn's FISA or Page's through Flynn to spy upon the White House. Yates probably saw the interview as warning Flynn he was being spied upon. Comey warned the WH about a FISA too!

Of course the FBI's actions would confuse Yates, she thought Comey was following orders delivered by Obama in the 1/5/17 'by the book' meeting. Yet Comey & McCabe were working at opposite purposes! One fighting the coup, one trying to lead it...

Can't wait to see Yates & Axelrod's statements!

Even more importantly, I would like to know what evidence went into the 1/30/17 memo that cleared General Flynn of acting as an "agent of Russia".

I'm guessing it will be related to his DIA authorization & work against the Russians... The same information DIA showed to Grassley.

Starting to put together the specifics on how Flynn's statements were edited to create a false impression that he lied to the agents (who thought he was telling the truth) but had a transcript they could use to say that he wasn't.

More details on how the attorneys for Flynn Intelligence Group (and Eric Holder's partners) colluded with some of the DOJ coup plotters to file a FARA registration that was then used against Gen. Flynn & his partners.

Set up, not knowing it was an ambush!

Meanwhile McCabe's team at FBI were generating false leaks to NYT's to generate very negative coverage. Trying to set the false narrative in the media.

Here is one of the cases where I believe the defense's assertion or theory is incorrect. Sundance filled in that blank with Flynn's name as soon as it leaked, it set that narrative. But further evidence shows the 5 letter name is probably "Trump".

The OIG Comey report documents what Page & Strzok were doing on May 10th, the day of the "lock in ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️" texts. They were searching for Comey's memos that documented Trump's request to let Flynn go & other actions included in McCabe's investigation.

As has been discussed many times, it appears that General Flynn was poorly served by his previous legal team. They filed a false FARA in coordination with DOJ & put him on a path to a guilty plea even though they had exculpatory evidence.

I also don't think it was 'unlucky' for the general that the news broke the day after his guilty plea. I think that was planned, making it very 'unlucky' for the people who framed him!
They hadn't just poorly edited a 302 any more, they had now convicted an innocent man with it.

Playing for the judge to dismiss the case & expose the misconduct, so an independent branch of government can verify the effort to frame not only @GenFlynn but @realDonaldTrump!

Yeah, I am thinking this list was a trap too!
A former head of DIA, a likely DIA agent, a Swamp creature working against Trump, and someone targeted as a patsy by the FBI & allied intelligence agencies...

I wonder if this is a hint that the speakers group Leading Authorities might be setting people like Gen. Flynn up for meetings with ulterior motives?
Book a speech, run a FISA 702 Query on the foreign individuals that you introduced them to in order to spy upon them...

Halper has been a Swamp spy for a long time, at least since he ran a team of CIA assets & journalists to spy upon the Carter Administration as part of George H.W. Bush's team in 1980.

I hope it is in the documents at the end but I want to see the evidence for this Clapper "take the kill shot" on Flynn comment to a @washingtonpost reporter @IgnatiusPost. Can we get a confirmation Clapper said this or will you let democracy die in darkness?

Tying all the surveillance together!
Remember the alibis as they collapsed:
No spying
Only court ordered wiretaps
National Security Letters are legal
FISA 702 Queries are legal
The court hadn't found our queries to be unconstitutional until after we ran them.

We learned a few weeks ago that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court had found in 2018 that the FBI's use of FISA Queries was unconstitutional & violated FISA. This was confirmed by the FIS Court of Review on appeal.

Many have argued for at least 15 years that those surveillance programs were unconstitutional but the DOJ & others have minimized the violations & kept the court from figuring out the true scale of the problems.
How do we know? In 2004, Mueller, Comey & Wray threatened to resign!

So the last 3 directors of the FBI all attempted to resign to keep DOJ from signing off and allowing the FBI to conduct unconstitutional surveillance.
Seems important...

What are the odds that the 2 guys who helped FBI Director Mueller would succeed him?

Back to the filing.
More info on the effort to edit the Flynn 302 to say the opposite of what the agent's notes say. Good thing he plead guilty or we would never have had anyone with legal standing to get those notes!

I'm fairly certain that Flynn's former defense & FARA lawyers were not serving his interests in this case. Time will tell if that was a conflict, incompetence, intentional misconduct, or felonious activity.

This may explain why defense counsel is attaching theories (whether accurate or not) to every assertion. Precedent requires that the defense present a reason why the requested document is exculpatory. They can't just ask, they need a theory about what it will show that will help.

Continuing to bring in the totality of the misconduct on the part of the government, can't wait until they get these documents!

Discussions of the 302s!
Says the agent's notes conflict with the final 'edited' version of the 302. Even a claim that Strzok's 302 wasn't written at the time of the interview. Which could mean they were faked after the fact!

As we know both agents felt Flynn didn't lie, but we learn other FBI people (Page & McCabe?) though that was BS.
Very interesting: claim that the agents did not record all of Flynn's answers NOR did they record his answers correctly in their notes & 302.

How would the defense know that the agents did not record Gen. Flynn's answers correctly?
Oh Lordy, I think there are tapes!
If you recall, Flynn took Strzok & Pietka to the White House Situation Room to conduct the interview. A room that was bugged!

In fact, the White House Situation Room was the first room at the WH that was shutdown & remodeled to remove listening devices. Right after Comey documented in a memo that someone was leaking the President's conversations with foreign leaders...

Sidney makes sure to note that the McCabe prosecution is predicated on him lying to federal agents in recorded interviews, not fake 302s based on incomplete and noncontemporaneous notes.

The defense is quoting exculpatory statements that she thinks may be in the original 302 that were edited out of them in an effort to frame her client.
Lets hope we see them soon!

Ut oh!
Strzok has testified that he conducted the interview while his partner took notes. Yet we have 2 sets of notes. The set reportedly belonging to Strzok, including way more detail than is likely from taking notes during an interview!
Did he create a set of fraudulent notes?

Well, was someone wearing a wire in the McCabe team meeting to plan the interogation of Flynn? Why else would there be a recording? Recall this is the meeting that did not include Comey, but did it include someone from Comey's team?

They have a bit of explaining to do, the Mueller team had an obligation under Brady & judge Sullivan's standing order to find these documents, even if people were trying to hide them from them!

The problem with lying (and false statements) is it is hard to keep all of the stories from contradicting each other!

This one is very big, 2 of the 4 alleged false statements by Flynn, are not included in the notes but are in the edited 302. How do you record a Q & A without taking notes of either the Q or the A, then write a 302 later about it.
I bet these Q & As were made up later...

Even so, the issues of US diplomacy through the UN were not material to any issue the FBI was investigating. Making them irrelevant & not worthy of a false statement charge under reasonable standards.

We have known this info before, but putting it together with possibly 'invented' parts of the interview makes it more likely that there is solid evidence that the 302 was falsified to create the appearance that Flynn was colluding with the Russians & lying to the FBI about it.

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