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Anybody who says "comedy is too PC, you can't say anything anymore, everyone is so easily offended," should watch this.

You actually can say whatever you want, offend who you want—if you have the courage to own it.

The question is, "Who do you want to offend? And, why?"

Who would want to offend rape survivors, rather than powerful rapists, and their friends, who STILL invite them to industry events?

Which is truly "politically incorrect?"

What are the things you actually can't say?

Who would want to offend trans people, or gay or bi people, or disabled people, rather than the privileged masses who menace their lives, vote for laws that exclude them, abuse them when they can get away with it, which is often?

Which is truly "politically incorrect?"

I think it's news to women (for example) when men claim it's only in recent years that "you have to be so careful what you say."

I think maybe women (for example) have had to be very careful for a very long time.

Maybe what men mean by that is now women are speaking.

We don't have less free speech in this country, we have more. Everybody has a voice now. And so you might hear that you've offended—that's how it works when everybody gets to talk.

Yes, and what speech really IS "politically incorrect?" anyway?

Which requires real bravery?

You can say what you want. Always could.

The difference is, now you'll just be treated like the kind of person who says the sorts of things you choose to say.

If you want to say things that hurt marginalized people, you absolutely can do that. There's a market for it. People who love that sort of thing will love you.

And that's how you'll be known.

It's not something being done to you. It's just something known about you.

And sure, there will be a price. Marginalized people will be offended, and so will those who have empathy enough to care about marginalized people and dislike performative cruelty.

You don't get their admiration or their respect.

Did you think you deserved it?

And if you want to say things that confront power, then power will be offended. But kinder people will love you, and that's how you'll be known.

It will carry a price too—the sort of price offended power can levy.

Yes, and what speech really IS "politically incorrect," anyway?

Few people are afforded a larger bullhorn than the one who can skillfully punch down.

They'll even call you brave for doing it.

You'll find it easy to believe, having already believed so many other lies.

Serial rapist and industry predator Harvey Weinstein is still invited to industry parties, and the women who confront him get booed.

If you care to listen, men will tell you it sure is a scary time, for boys.

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