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It's 20 years since Extreme Programming was offered to the world as a way of building software. It has been a huge impact on my work, and also the way I work with others.
Here's just a few things that changed for me. #20yearsofXP

XP brought me to continuous integration, which brought me to TDD, which brought me to design. Without any of this, my excursions into continuous delivery, patterns and more would have been less likely. #20yearsofXP

XP made me realise the power constraints bring to a problem. The first deliberate constraint I learned was that of a limited time frame. I had to answer (and still answer) the tough question of "What should we change if we want it done within that time frame?". #20yearsofXP

XP helped me develop and appreciate courage. I used to be timid in my decisions, fearful of . consequences. Embracing the value of courage has helped me face fears and realise benefits that were only possible by pushing through fears (often time false fears). #20yearsofXP

As a young developer, XP taught me the power of introspection and reflection. I listen better, take in feedback and criticism better. I am better for that and have greater appreciation of the importance of respect. #20yearsofXP

XP is damn hard, and I cannott claim mastery. But persevering with it has given me a sense of discipline and a dramatic deflation of my ego. I also learned that my ego was internal, not always visible in public. And that was the deflation I needed. #20yearsofXP

XP opened up the world of methodology to me. It took me to Scrum, and Kanban and Lean and others. It is a world of flow and work (not workflow). And that separation has helped to achieve more better. #20yearsofXP

I now think in extremes by default. I want to find the ends quickly so that I understand the boundaries in which I am playing. XP, at a meta leval, gave me that over time. #20yearsofXP

I am going to stop my #20YearsOfXP appreciation here.
Thanks to all that brought XP to us. You know who you are.

Please share your #20yearsofXP appreciation too.

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