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If anyone was wondering if this "LGBAlliance" thing was yet more astroterfing from US religious fundamentalists, there's your obvious Heritage Foundation connection.

Why is an organisation that is ostensibly against women's rights, so invested in creating these shell organisations that paint trans people as threats to women's rights? An organisation that's opposed to LGBT rights, pretending that trans people are threats to those rights?

"Oh no, the nasty transes are coming to take your rights away!" - said the Koch funded organisation that's working to take your rights away.

If this doesn't tell you everything you need to know about this latest astroterf group;

Ah yes, the Witherspoon Institute. The think tank behind the infamous Regnerus study. Of course.

By the way, for context on this whole LGB Alliance thing, religious fundamentalists in the US are laundering millions to fund these activities in Europe. 

Those same fundamentalists outlined a plan to "divide and conquer" by breaking up the LGBT "alphabet soup" and directed their activists not to use religious arguments, but to adopt secular and feminist sounding language. 

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