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Trump deciding not to attend Elijah Cummings’ funeral is an atrocity, as would be Trump deciding to attend Elijah Cummings’ funeral. Trump’s presence in the office of the president is by itself an atrocity, as is his presence in public life in any capacity.

When defenders of Donald Trump say “there’s nothing Trump can do to satisfy his opponents,” they’re correct, but it’s the same as saying “there’s nothing that child rapist could do to satisfy his opponents.”

What’s good about this analogy is it’s almost certainly not an analogy.

Republicans seem to want to simultaneously elect and support and defend and cheer Donald Trump, and also be treated as if they are somebody who doesn’t elect and support and defend and cheer Donald Trump.

Sorry, guys. It’s a package deal. We understand you to be what you are.

Saying that you love everything Trump does to people, and then framing that as a “disagreement” that permits love, is so disingenuous and morally empty and creepy it’s hard to know what to do.

How have so many people become so spiritually broken?

It’s not that we don’t love the Trump supporters in our life that makes it all so horrifying, but that we still do.

It’s not a “disagreement.” It’s atrocity.

Opposing atrocity is not hate

And there is no love in a call to shoot people at the border, nor in the ensuing cheer.

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