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(Short thread)

Dear Democrats,

I know you're not used to it—and it's hard to see—but you’re winning this.

This NR article reaches the conclusion I reached yesterday 👇
The GOP knows that voting to acquit Trump (despite the damning evidence) is their best chance in 2020 . . .

1/ At the same time, defending Trump isn’t working either.

From the Hill 👇

By “messaging” Graham means “spin” or “propaganda” or “build a false narrative that confuses everyone.”


2/ Now, we have an interesting plot twist.

Bolton rides to the rescue.


The House Democrats seem to have this under control, don’t ya think?

end/ (I may add comments / questions)

Yes, exactly. They're boxed in a corner.

Yes, it's nerve-wracking.
No, there are no quick easy solutions.

We've learned that the work of saving and maintaining democracy never ends.

My thread from yesterday, if you missed it.

Some people say that a few of the Tweets aren't showing up (😠😠😠) but I have it all on my blog:

Spoiler: The GOP is desperate.
I checked my reasoning with math 🧮 😉

Regarding Bolton:

Chile got out from under an actual dictator when people who were long-time political opponents joined together to defeat Pinochet.

Nice that the US is doing it now.

(My husband is Chilean. He experienced the Pinochet dictatorship)

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