FBI Vault Releases "The Finders" Pedophile Sex Cult Investigation Documents
Why was the investigation deemed a CIA "internal matter"?
Why was FBI Counter Intel involved?
Release does not answer these questions. It does however raise them again.

DC Metro Police Investigation Summary stated that The Finders group were disinformation tool of the CIA. (p67) #TheFinders

DC MP Finders Investigation - "Stepping on the CIA's Toes"
Before losing control of the investigation, DCMP documented exchange with the CIA where he learned they were running a solo Finders investigation of their own since the beginning and DCMP was stepping on CIA toes. (p68)

[Name Redacted] Finders Group Member traveled to Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam. Investigator notes travel not possible without CIA approval/arrangement. (p68)

In light of recent developments the timing of the release is rather interesting.

The Stuff of Nightmares
It is a horrific story that includes satanic rituals, animal sacrifice, and a Pre-School with underground tunnels. (p48-49, 172) #TheFindersDocs  https://vault.fbi.gov/the-finders 

Six Children in a Van
The children were to be shipped to a "smart school" in Mexico. Children also talked about other children in DC under the control of an individual they referred to as the "game caller"(p 65)

What happened to these children? They were returned to individuals claiming to be their parents or guardians! (p 53)
Note: No details of [BLANK] involvement became public.

Shut it Down (p 227)
Investigation becomes a CIA internal matter.
FBI Foreign Counter-Intel directs DCMP to keep queit.
No further information will be available.
No further action will be taken.

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