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It's a privilege to have this sort of influence. If you feel the below is true you need psychotherapy and to decide to do something positive with your influence. Or sure, you're a victim of everything.

My father died when I was a child. My best friend was murdered in front of me when was 20. I've never had real influence. If I did I'd use it to encourage others. I do it on the smallest scale possible right now. It's not a prison. It's a privilege. Grow up. Do good.

I've written 8 original albums. They're all free. I've given almost 100% of my earnings from work (yes, really, nearly all into r&d) to cancers and rare diseases to help people continue living. Do this. Your influence isn't a a prison. It's an opportunity to help the world.

I'm not employed. I have no reason not to share reality. 10 years in silicon valley ended me up in stanford oncology. I almost died. Have no kids. I gave the 400k I had into r&d to help others not go through this. I lived. Others didn't. The world is a brutal and uncaring place.

Look am lucky to be in position to do this. I have no money or anything other than my dog left. I'm just trying to help the world be better at a point when my sociopathic peers are rewarded at leveled beyond comprehension. Not sure where this ends. All I can do is keep fighting.

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