Rebecca J. Kavanagh @DrRJKavanagh @theappeal Media Relations Director, NYC Public Defender, Writer, @nyulaw, @sydneylawschool, @sydney_uni. Sydney ✈️ NYC. Views my own. she/her/hers Oct. 26, 2019 1 min read

Kwesi Ashun, a 32-year-old Black man, was shot and killed by an NYPD officer this afternoon. He didn’t have a gun or a knife, but is alleged to have thrown a chair at a cop.

Which I guess makes him more dangerous than this White man with an axe.

Or this White man, Matthew Bernard, who had just killed three people, including a child, and choked a church caretaker half-way through leading police on his slow-motion "wild pursuit."

Or any other of the countless White men who police take into custody without incident, even when they have weapons, even when they attack and injure police, without shooting and killing them.

If Kwesi Ashun did in fact throw a chair at a police officer and it injured him, that does not give the other cop the right to summarily execute him.

NYPD have killed 4 people in 10 days. Even of the people the police claim had guns, not one person actually fired them.

All of them were Black.

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