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I first wrote that diGenova was key to Trump's efforts to steal elections in 2017. No one listened, despite the mountain of evidence diGenova was/is a crook. But now folks are realizing he's a central figure in the Trump underworld that's been perverting our democracy for years.

1/ DiGenova and his wife employ, represent, or work hand in glove with many figures in the Ukraine scandal: Trump, Giuliani, Parnas, Fruman, Firtash, Solomon, and presumably more we'll soon learn about. What no one is looking back at is who they represented in the *last* scandal.

2/ In PROOF OF COLLUSION I wrote about how the key to understanding Trump-Russia collusion was understanding the composition and activities of Trump's National Security Advisory Committee. Joe diGenova represented the man who *orchestrated and staffed and oversaw* that committee.

3/ In PROOF OF COLLUSION, I wrote of how Trump's spokesman quit with the explanation that he'd suddenly discovered he was being lied to on key matters. We later found that he also had compelling evidence Trump committed impeachable obstruction. *Joe diGenova* became his attorney.

4/ I wrote in PROOF OF COLLUSION about how two men were responsible for orchestrating the blackmail of James Comey that led to him reopening the Clinton email case. Polling indicates that that reopening gave Trump the 2016 election. The two men? *Rudy Giuliani and Joe diGenova*.

5/ Yet for some reason, all the reporting on Giuliani lacks context, implying he only became a clandestine Trump agent engaged in illicit negotiations in late 2018, rather then during the 2016 presidential election. And people speak of diGenova as though we hardly know who he is.

6/ Trump has made clear in public and private that he views lawyers as instruments for illicit activity and does so in part because he can plot with them and send them on errands and be confident they can't squeal about what they know. Giuliani and diGenova are both in this mold.

7/ It seems increasingly clear that diGenova and his wife were sent to represent Sam Clovis because Clovis had info that'd be *deeply* damaging to the president. What was that info? And what do Solomon and Parnas and Firtash know about the *president* that diGenova must now hide?

8/ Why is no one noting that Trump made a big show of being unable to hire diGenova for his legal team, only to have diGenova soon thereafter boast that he was acting as Trump's lawyer *behind the scenes*? Who the hell (who isn't up to no good) hires a lawyer *behind the scenes*?

9/ I can't wait until, a year from now, someone in major media writes a big story about how Joe diGenova was *key* to Trump's efforts to steal *two consecutive* elections. They'll be lauded from one end of the internet to the other, as who honestly ever talked about Joe diGenova?

10/ In 2016 *and* 2019, evidence suggests diGenova aided the laundering of info intended to influence a federal election; the info could not legally enter public discourse otherwise. In 2016, it was Hatch Act-violative info from rogue FBI agents; now, it's Ukrainian election aid.

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