A.R. Moxon (Julius Ghost) @JuliusGoat Author of THE REVISIONARIES, coming 12/3/19 Pre-order: static.mhpbooks.com/the-revisionaries/ Newsletter: tinyletter.com/ARMoxon He/him Repped by @samroebuck Oct. 26, 2019 1 min read

This is what you say about words when you no longer like to hear the meaning.

“Racist” and “fascist” have very clear meanings.

When somebody says to me that the word “racist” no longer has any meaning, that means they now understand that the meaning applies to themselves and they refuse to investigate the implications.

One thing that fascists always do is convince you the words don’t have any meaning.

Words like “concentration camp” and “emoluments” and “obstruction.”

They’ll tell you news is fake, and science is unproven. They’ll tell you that there are “alternative facts” if you let them.

It’s funny how a person can tell me the word “racist” has no meaning in response to a thread in which I never use the word “racist.”

This gives me an idea of what he’s thinking, and suggests he understands meanings just fine.

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