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THREAD: Jim Mattis is worth 50 of every single person on @CrewCrew. Oh boy, this tweet doesn't match their article's facts. AT ALL. Not even close.

Facts: Mattis, since 2013, on the board of massive Gov contractor General Dynamics. Leaves when joins gov.

2/n Upon leaving the government, Mattis rejoins the board. EXACTLY THE BEHAVIOR YOU WOULD EXPECT FROM A MAN WITH ETHICS.

And what does this colossal government contractor he joined under @BarackObama do wrong, in @CrewCREW's eyes? Let's take a look. OH, IT HELPS CHILDREN

3/n Mattis large defense contractor's IT department has HELPED UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN - by tracking them and making sure they don't get lost in ORR - from ***2000-2019***. So @CrewCrew aren't attacking Trump. They are attacking @BarackObama. Who was POTUS when Mattis joined.

4/n Organizations like @CrewCREW pretty much go for the easy retweet. They hope you won't read their actual article. Here it is. I'm going to pull some direct quotes. Let's see how the charges against #Mattis. Must be bad, right?  https://www.citizensforethics.org/mattis-zero-tolerance-policy-general-dyanmics/ 

5/n "former Defense Secretary James Mattis rejoined the board of General Dynamics, a massive defense contractor whose IT division works with HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) on issues related to the “needs of unaccompanied children.”


6/n "Mattis originally joined General Dynamics’ board in 2013," [when @BarackObama was President] "and left when he joined the Trump administration." - SO HE BEHAVED TOTALLY ETHICALLY, @CrewCREW

But what evil things have they been up to? Let's take a look:

7/n "Since 2000," [when @BillClinton was President] "the company has had contracts worth millions of dollars with ORR." - SO IT'S GOT SOD ALL TO DO WITH DONALD TRUMP, @CrewCREW

8/n Yes, THAT'S RIGHT,
has Jim Mattis BANG TO RIGHTS for rejoining an Obama-era company that's offering entry level jobs to MONITOR CHILDRENS CASES and CHECK ON THEIR PROGRESS AND WELFARE while in ORR care!!!


9/n I know, right? HOW DARE General Mattis rejoin a company that ACTUALLY HELPS CHILDREN to NOT get lost in our system like so many of us have complained so bitterly (and rightly)about. Jim Mattis's company, in its small way, helps LESSEN THAT EVIL.

10/n @CrewCREW's baseless attack on patriots working at OBAMA-ERA government suppliers will only HURT children.

If you want to drag ****Jim Mattis****, that's fine, fellas. BETTER BRING ME SOME GODDAMNED RECEIPTS, THOUGH. Because THIS AIN'T IT.


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