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Things are pretty rough for trans people right now, but one of the worst things is the sheer volume of new sockpuppet accounts targeting trans people with harassment and abuse, and that's something that's not obvious to most people unless they're experiencing it for themselves.

Trans folks aren't just in despair at the constant cycle of anti-trans hatemongering in the media or from right wing ideologues, but a constant stream of extreme targeted abuse from people who are creating countless new accounts. It's relentless.

The fact that cis people generally don't see this (unless they're unlucky enough to get targeted themselves), can feel isolating, it makes you feel like you can't relate what you're going through to others, and makes you feel alone, cut off.

Trans folks have to do so much just to protect ourselves and be able to use this god damn hellsite in peace; blocking major transphobic groups, subscribing to blocklists, running block chain extensions on the followers of fresh sockpuppets, good old manual blocks and reports...

It's just so exhausting...

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