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In the 60s they said Medicare was a pipe dream.
They said Social Security was a pipe dream.
Going to the moon was a pipe dream.
The internet was a pipe dream.

This isn't a statement of what can't be done, but rather a statement of what Rahm Emanuel doesn't want to try.

1) it wouldn't be FOR FREE, any more than it would have been getting it FOR FREE when you become Medicare eligible. Everybody's paying in now, to use when old. Under M4A pay and use it when needed regardless of age

2) don't withhold care from sick people

I am 45.

Paid into Medicare my whole life.

I'd see all that money outright stolen to end our barbaric practice of tying the ability to receive healthcare to our ability to make ourselves profitable to corporations.

But anyone saying that M4A represents such theft is lying.

Medicare was derided as socialism.

Its detractors warned that it would result in enslavement to communist interests, bankrupcy for the country, medical rationing, an end to any advancements in medicine.

It's probably the most popular government program in U.S. history.

Now they're saying the same bullshit about M4A.


Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense.

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