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I’ve been keeping notes on the impeachment inquiry

Me = nerd🤓

People may find them helpful, so I’ll make them public.

I had a website with the Mueller docs, so I added a few pages and changed the title.

Here’s a timeline of the Ukraine scandal 👇

2/ I am totally not responsible for typos.
My keyboard hates me.
Autocorrect also hates me, so I’m never sure who to blame.

Content mistakes, though, are mine. (If you see one, please let me know.)

Here’s the inquiry timeline👇  https://impeachment-trump.com/key-documents/ 

3/ Questions about impeachment?

Here you go.

All these pages will keep growing.

Also, my blog has a search function and index.

Thanks to my IT Director (husband) for putting this stuff on line for me.

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