Jim Pickard @PickardJE Chief Political Correspondent, Financial Times Oct. 27, 2019 1 min read

just heard that both James McGrory and Tom Baldwin have both been sacked from the @peoplesvote_uk campaign this evening - as director and head of communications respectively

I can reveal that Patrick Heneghan (former elections chief at Labour) is now the new acting chief executive

one ally of Baldwin & McGrory questions how they can be sacked by Rudd given he is not chair of People’s Vote but instead chair of Open Britain, one of its five member groups.

“He is no more the chair of People’s Vote than Idi Amin was the Last King of Scotland,” he says.

one ally of Rudd says: "Baldwin spent his time pretending to be Malcolm Tucker. Shouting and screaming around the office. Most staff will secretly be delighted."

here’s the @FT scoop


about 35 staff have done a mass walkout this morning


Peter Mandelson has been in touch to question the idea of a “power struggle” between himself and Roland Rudd

and obviously I believe everything he says without reservation

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