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It's not enough for NYPD to say there were "unfounded reports" of a gun to justify the massive use of force to arrest a young Black man for farebeating.

Now they’ve got to smear him by pretty much outright saying he had a gun and somehow got rid of it before being arrested.

Believe me, if the NYPD had evidence that a young Black man had a gun, they would have arrested him for it.

AND they don't even need a gun to arrest someone for attempted possession of a weapon. So if they did indeed have a credible witness reporting a man brandishing a weapon, they could have arrested him based on that person's observation.

It's honestly disgusting. Even the suggestion that by running away from the cops, the young man was "escaping." Police really do think they're the damn slave patrol.

Prosecutors use this strategy when asking for bail for clients charged with low level offenses. They will say, police were responding to reports of a shooting, or that someone had a gun. And then they arrested this person for driving without a license.

It's kinda like saying someone is a "known gang member."

What's happening with the subway system is scary. The city and state have doubled the number of cops policing NYC subways in the last 6 months. It's like a bunch of cops with guns standing around and then going into full-on SWAT mode at word of the smallest-possible infraction.

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