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They aren’t booing to dishonor the office of the presidency.

They’re booing because the office of the presidency has been dishonored.

An entirely appropriate reaction.

The presidency has been dishonored in every way possible by the criminal holding it, his complicit party, and foolish people who cling to any pretense ignoring this obvious truth. The only way to honor the office is for trump and all other members of his party to vacate it.


Any fine ideal we might have hoped to be true about ourselves as a country has been betrayed by this mean ignorant authoritarian oaf and his party.

They’re gleefully, actively, willfully, obliterating anything that has ever made us good.

For America’s sake: Boo the president.

They’ve made every day a horror and filled our lives with anxiety and dread.

They humiliated us in front of the world and estranged us from our friends.

Endangered all our lives for money.

How dare they show their faces in public.

How dare they.

For America’s sake: boo.

Boo at the ball parks and boo in the restaurants.

Boo them in the parks and out on the streets.

Boo them as they get into their cars and as they dash to their doors.

Boo them whenever they dare show their unloved and unlovely faces.

For America’s sake: boo.

America is a place where everyone has a voice, or so they say.

Use your voice. Use it as much as you can. Make it heard.

Do something to celebrate the best of America.

Boo the president.

But the real reason to boo the president isn’t even the president.

It’s everybody watching the president, those who hope the president’s hateful behavior gives them license for the same.

They’re counting on our silence.

They mustn’t have it.

Boo the president.

To everyone who thinks that Trump’s message of supremacy is their license to harm, booing says this:

“Guess again.”

That—not rudeness—is the true reason they don’t like the boos.

Does it need to be said that Trump supporters aren’t actually bothered by rudeness?

Boo Trump.

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