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A few interesting (well, to me at least but maybe not generally) things about this letter.

1. The PM didn’t need to send it. The current ext was agreed by a letter from Tim Barrow, the UK’s EU ambo. He must have been advised of that, so it was the PM’s choice to send this.

2. The tone is awful. He is splitting the blame for the extension between Parliament for forcing the request and EU27 for accepting it, even saying the ext is damaging to the UK-EU relationship.

(Note: every person in the EU finds “European Friends” borderline offensive now.)

3. But it gets worse. EU27 leaders will, I’d imagine, be quite embarrassed by Johnson using this letter to discuss his ‘internal cuisine’ with Parliament. They have Parliaments too, but tend to manage. What a whingeing little guy, they’ll think. How pathetic. How embarassing.

4. And worse still. Here’s the UK PM begging the EU not to give any further extensions. Because he doesn’t have a majority in Parliament. Because he sacked his own MPs, sold-out the DUP, and negotiated a worse deal than even his predecessor could manage.

5. And, again, not a single person will believe for one single second that Johnson has even the slightest care for the good conduct of the business of the EU, and they are well aware that Johnson himself has been & still is central to corroding public trust in politics in the UK.

6. And there’s ‘Friends’ again.

Look, EU27 leaders (and much of the public) have read what Johnson & his supporters have said about them for the last decade & more. They heard his Leader of the House talking about the “Imperial yoke” of the EU last week FFS.

Less it, you arse!

A simple diplomatic formality that should have passed entirely without comment becomes another little failure; another nail in the coffin of UK credibility; another stupid misjudgement for domestic political points.

It won’t make any difference. What’s one more embarrassing fuck up for a country now known throughout the world for its lack of reason or judgement?

It’s just galling to see the descent in such granular resolution in front of us, with no opportunity to make it worse ever missed.

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