Adam Singer @AdamSinger Grew @GoogleAnalytics into most popular analytics product globally. Prev advised: $SPLK $MKTO @Eloqua @PRSA @Cision. 🎶 composer. 🐕 @dashthedingo. Investor. Oct. 29, 2019 1 min read

📌1st time in 10 yrs on mkt & open to ideas. Links to work below (Google me if easier). Let's talk.

Built 50K VPM blog (acq): 

Here's a talk I gave in NYC on data viz (to sr level marketing pros/analysts at some of the largest firms in the world). Think good sense of my style of comms. Have 100s of talks/blog posts posted, enough online you should know what you're getting. 

Also some fun links I'm proud of:

One of first to create positive ROI SMM campaign (2008) won several awards: 

Built 6-figure FB page in 2009: 

Set best practices for app analytics/app marketing since 2014: 

Been marketing online since 90s but if I go into geeky forums built prob is too far back. Point hope to convey is have been there, done that for all parts of digital marketing. SEO for biggest sites online to advising billion $ brands through IPO. Is time for a digital native CMO

1 more link here something not work related, personal thoughts on a podcast w/friend in more casual conversation. Sorry for all the updates think this is sufficient background now. Marketing brands so much easier than yourself, which is awkward. 

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