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Among the many English words and phrases Trump is intentionally destroying to make the American public more supple in his tiny, deceitful hands is #NeverTrumper, which literally and *only* means a person who categorically and publicly opposed Trump's election

Vindman is not one

PS/ Indeed by definition a person who *only* developed opposition to Trump *after* his election—when America saw Trump's incompetence as president—is *not* a #NeverTrumper, as they didn't oppose him during the primaries

IAC, pretty sure we have *no* idea what Vindman's views are

PS2/ I know it seems like a small point, but media keeps doing this: letting Trump put words/phrases into the jetstream that are nonsensical or false or both but that he nevertheless is put on air saying repeatedly on a loop for weeks on end by the very media not questioning it

PS3/ In public discourse you define terms early and often—and shame those who deliberately misuse them; #NeverTrumper is now a known historical political term whose meaning is set and whose usage media should be enforcing—not permitting Trump to falsely smear an Iraq veteran with

PS4/ By the way—last thought—one way to enforce agreed-upon definitions of historical words or phrases is to confront Trump with them repeatedly, e.g. "Sir, you've called Vindman a #NeverTrumper, what evidence do you have that he publicly opposed you during the 2016 GOP primary?"

PS5/ IOW when you have a man who's lied 13,500+ times in 3 years, his answers stop being as important as the phrasing of the questions he's asked, as it's the *questions* that insert truth-value and just American values generally into our public discourse, not his lying responses

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