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There are people in Trump's base who will believe (or pretend to believe) any lie he (and the Fox-GOP) tells.

They'll believe this as well.

I wrote about why some of his supporters lap up his lies last year in Slate Magazine.

Stand by for a link. . .

Here you go👇

I wrote this just about a year ago.

It's still timely as we head into the public hearing phase of the impeachment proceeding.  https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/10/trump-lies-kavanaugh-khashoggi.html 

Yes, Nixon's approved plummeted.
Nixon didn't have Fox News.

In fact, today's right wing media . . .

*approval plummeted.

. . today's right wing media was, in fact, created by those who were frustrated that Nixon resigned. Roger Stone and pals wanted Nixon to keep fighting.

@JohnWDean said that if Nixon had Fox, he might have survived.


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