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I am here for the upcoming Gen Z / Boomer wars. Millennials perhaps this is our moment to quietly walk away and join Gen X watching the fighting from the sidelines. 

Every millennial should be on team Gen Z here btw. Boomers have been blaming our cohort for death of everything, raised housing, education and healthcare costs and basically kept punting on key issues to maintain excessive lifestyles. Getting meme'd into oblivion is pure karma.

Never forget the years our older cohort editors absolutely dragging us in media to hit pageview goals for sites. You know inevitably someone is going to do this about Gen Z for rage clicks and the cycle will continue. The dumbest strategy to attract the lowest quality users.

This is punching down for clicks. Shows how infantile (some of) the Boomers are. You're supposed to lift up next generation not orchestrate wealth transfers from them, or shame them for being unable to navigate impossible situations such as excessive debt and med costs. Grow up.

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