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1) Writing moves the world. The Bible, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address. Study history. The written word is uniquely powerful.

2) Writing sharpens your thinking. The mind usually jumps from thought to thought, but writing forces you to slow down.

3) Writing is a friend catcher. When you write in public, you attract incredible people you’d never be able to meet otherwise.

4) Writing humbles you. It’s a window into your own mind. It shows you where you’re strong, where you’re weak, and where you can improve.

5) Writing lets you think with the world. Start publishing your ideas and people from around the world will help you improve them.

It’s like extended cognition.

A real-life cheat code.

6) Writing is meditation. In the midst of a dizzying world, most people never stop to listen to their own thoughts.

7) Writing inspires curiosity. Once you start writing, new ideas will spring to life, and the mundane will become surreal.

8) Writing helps you contribute to humanity by sharing knowledge.

9) Writing helps you become a better speaker. You’ll learn to structure your ideas, so you can speak clearly. For example, @neiltyson once told me he never says anything in public he’s never written before.

9) Writing helps you separate quality from junk. In a world or limitless information, taste is a competitive advantage.

10) Writing helps you accelerate your career. You can create your own credentials now. Pick a topic, learn all about it, and publish what you learn.

11) Writing is weightlifting for the brain. When you stress your mind, it becomes stronger.

12) Writing helps you read. Production and consumption fuel each other. It’s the ultimate forcing function. Reading makes you a better writer, and writing makes you a better reader.

13) Writing helps you remember your best ideas. Words on a page have infinite patience. And when you come back to them, you can improve them.

14) Writing is power. You have more agency than you think. Share your best ideas with the world and watch your life improve.

15) Writing is a compass. It will guide you towards interesting ideas.

16) Writing is career success. The most successful people in every industry spend lots of time writing.

Invest in yourself.

Learn to write.

A well-written article can change your life because the internet rewards people who think well.


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