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We know why.

White supremacists and neo Nazis have been strategically infiltrating law enforcement for decades, and we've known it for decades.

No surprise one would get bold enough to tack up the true flag of their allegiance, now they have a president openly sympathetic to their cause.

I think we should allow police to reapply for their jobs subject to an independent review by a board including representatives of orgs like ACLU and SPLC, and a background check for ties to white supremacist and other domestic terror orgs.

Absolutely. One strike and you're out.

Same for killing an unarmed person. Even if it was a terrible accident, you killed an unarmed person. You lose your job.

This really should not be controversial.

As it stands right now, a person who is filled with hate and rage and would really like to murder somebody without consequence is massively incentivized to become a police officer—all the more so if their hatred is racial

That's a problem

This really should not be controversial

And yes, police are frightened that any citizen might be carrying a gun.

Add it to the long list of reasons why manufacture of all firearms and ammunition should be subject to heavy regulation and restriction, if not banned entirely.

This really should not be controversial.

We all know exactly why a Nazi flag would be hung up in a department of corrections office, and if you don't know why, it's because you don't want to know why.

And that's why it's not being fixed internally. People who don't want to address a problem tend not to address it.

And here's why it's not being fixed externally. Same reason.

Power, primarily white, primarily rich, primarily conservative, wants it this way.

A society that wants to treat racial minorities as presumed violence and presumed theft is going to hire racist police.

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