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I’ve voted for this Tele to have a 4-way switch and a new neck pickup fitted (Seymour Duncan STR-3).

Guitar, music and tactical voting posts only from me until partisan remainers come to their senses.

Daily guitar tip:

When removing a pickup, desolder instead of just thinking “fuck it, I’ll just clip the wire”.

Otherwise this happens (white wire to short to reach pickup selector) when you try to install in a different guitar it years later.

Phew! Short extension granted.

Tap test.

That’s not right. Bridge PUP is on in all positions. Hmm.

Have a vague recollection of having a similar issue last time I did this mod (about 12 years ago).

Trying this Lindy Fralin method instead (2nd pic) instead of the Fender one (1st pic.)

Well, that’s better, except now the Bridge + Neck in series is position 3 instead of pos 4. I can live with that though. For now at least.

You can hear the jump in vol on the neck PUP as it jumps from parallel to series.

Instant mute for anyone taking the piss out of my soldering.

My dear old dad taught me how to do it, and he was crap at it as well.

Incidentally, lots of people hate these Japanese mini-pots on MIJ Fenders, but they’re a hell of a lot easier to solder their ground to the back of than higher-grade CTS or Alphas.

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