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Today, two State Department Foreign Service Officers are testifying.

Their statements are here:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/10/30/trump-impeachment-inquiry-opening-statements-croft-anderson/4095480002/ 

They add a few new details:

💠Nov. 25, 2018: When Russia attacked and seized Ukrainian military vessels heading to a Ukrainian port. . .

1/ . . . Christopher Anderson (State Dept. Foreign Service Officer) prepared a statement condemning Russia for its escalation.

The White House blocked the statement from being released.

[🤔Another road leading to Putin?]

2/ 💠Catherine Croft (another State Dept. foreign Service Officer) Croft testified that she received multiple calls from lobbyist Robert Livingston telling her that Ambassador Yovanovich should be fired.

3/ Livingston characterized Yovanovich as an "Obama holdover" and associated her with Soros. Croft passed along the messages to her boss, Fiona Hill and George Kent.

(This is the first I’ve heard about Robert Livingston)

4/ 💠June 13: Anderson attended a meeting with Bolton. Bolton was in favor of strengthening a US-Ukrainian partnership, but "cautioned that Mr. Giuliani was a key voice with the President on Ukraine which would be an obstacle to increased White House engagement.”

5/ 💠June 18: At a meeting attended by Perry and Anderson, the group discussed how to address Giuliani's continued call for a corruption investigation.

They agreed on the importance of not calling for any specific investigations.

6/ 💠July 1-2: In Kiev, at a meeting attended by Anderson and Volker, Zelenskyy pushed for a date for the White House visit.

Volker urged him to schedule a call with Trump to build a relationship and increase the chance of securing a date for the visit.

7/ We all know what happened during that call.

To sort all this out, I have been keeping notes.
As a service, I made my notes public👇

So you can see how this new info fits into the narrative, the new stuff from today is in red.

8/ Remember, I'm totally not responsible for typos.

It's the Halloween demon in my keyboard.

Content errors, though, are mine. Let me know if you see any.

If you’re wondering about all those roads leading to Putin, here you go, if you missed it⤵️

The Whistleblower Complaint was filed Aug. 12. It took a while to put together because of the fact checking, and because the governing law is complex.

So people were talking way before that.

It was mid-July before it was clear there was a crisis . . .

. . . Giuliani's antics were being reported in the mainstream press.

We know that before the Compliant was filed, Schiff was tipped off that it was coming.

What about this theory: Because of the backstage whispers combined with the public reporting Pelosi and Schiff knew . . .

. . . what was coming down the pike.

They also understood the Ukraine business was tied up in the Trump Russia stuff.

The way to "speak up" is the way the Whistleblower did it.

Obviously these witnesses were talking to the Whistleblower.

These things take time to unfold.

I think putting the new stuff each day in red is a good idea.
It's easy to see how the story grows.

Who is the weirdo in the front seat with 100 pages of color-coded notes? 🙋‍♀️

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