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(NEW ARTICLE): Stop Calling It the Republican Party

I write for NEWSWEEK below of the difficulties created for analysts—and everyone—in trying to distinguish the pre-Trump Republican Party from the political entity Trump now leads. Hope you'll pass it on. 

PS/ I understand those who were angry at the GOP in (say) 1980, 1998, 2004, and 2014 want those subscribing to the 2019 edition as "Republicans" to face the music for past GOPs. That's *not* the same thing as (wrongly) arguing GOP policy positions didn't just shift diametrically.

PS2/ Historians may argue (say) racial anxiety has resided in the GOP since '64 and still—and that's true—but to go from (right or wrong) taking policy cues from law enforcement/intel agents to pretending any idiot can perfectly understand criminal justice policy is a sea change.

PS3/ Also, and I'm surprised more people don't note this, but Trump is drafting off a brand he has nothing to do with personally—making Republicans feel they need to stick with the brand (and therefore him). If he initiates the "Trump Party" it forces a *choice* for those people.

PS4/ Right now some percentage of Republicans (maybe only 5% to 15%) are sticking with the *party* more than they are with *Trump*. That creates false comfort for those who have in fact abandoned their policy positions. A "Trump Party" puts all the cards on the table all at once.

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