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Hola, I’m Gustavo Arellano, featured writer for @latimes and I’m taking over the paper’s Twitter feed for next 2 hours to talk #Prop187. Here’s a photo of me with hot sauce, ‘cause we’re gonna get CALIENTE

I’m first gonna do a long thread about my #prop187 project, then get to your comments/questions/love/hate. COMMENCE THE DESMADRE

For the past two montsh, I've been working a project about #Prop187, the landmark 1994 ballot initiative that transformed California forever — and led to Trump in the White House. Here's the landing page 

The big one is a one-hour, three-episode podcast produced with @LatinoUSA that tells you the history of #Prop187. You hear from its creators, its opponents, and where they are now. Listen here and subscribe: 

Want the TL;DR version of #Prop187? Here's a timeline of all the key dates in its history. It's not just 1994; it goes from 1986 to 2015. That's how important 187 was. Link here: 

Here's a long essay I did about #Prop187 that will appear in the Sunday edition of @latimes. The title says it all: Prop. 187 forced a generation to put fear aside and fight. It transformed California, and me 

There will be more stories to come by me on #prop187 in the coming weeks. This is me now:

Don’t want to read all the #Prop187 stories? Here’s a short summary of the whole brouhaha over it

#Prop187 was the creation of a mix of Orange County suburbanites and former immigration officials who felt illegal immigration was ruining California. They were brought together by Ron Prince, a Tustin accountant with no previous political experience. That's Ron at left:

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