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The Trump-FOX-GOP hates what America became after the Civil Rights and women's rights movement.

The once-conservative GOP has morphed into a reactionary party.

The "again" in MAGA is a pining for a [mythic] past .

They want to return to the Good Ole Days. . .

1/ . . . when [white men] could grab whatever they wanted.

💠When the frontier was open, they could grab land.

💠Before 1863, they could grab people and enslve them.

💠Before modern rape and sexual harassment laws, they could grab women⤵️

2/ Before regulatory agencies they could launder money, fix prices, and manipulate markets.

🎶Those were the days🎶

How do you think the Trump’s got rich?👇

3/ To return to the “good old days”—reactionaries need to destroy all of those laws and agencies.

When Trump said "all our laws are stupid and corrupt," he meant the laws that prevented him from grabbing whatever he wants:  https://www.mlive.com/news/erry-2018/04/bab779dc196618/ten_highlights_from_donald_tru.html 

4/ In 1980, Libertarian Party VP candidate, David Koch advocated abolishing the FBI, CIA, and IRS:  https://www.nytimes.com/1984/10/16/arts/man-without-a-candidate.html 

You can dismantle the agencies slowly.
Or you can bring in a human wrecking ball.

Trump is a human wrecking ball.

5/ Barr and Trump’s other pals are openly (and gleefully) destroying the agencies they hate.

McConnell & pals closed their eyes to Trump’s Russia connections because they know their interests Russia are tightly aligned.

"What?" you say. See:

6/ They don't think they are destroying America. They think they are Making America Great Again.

They admire Putin and Russia.

Russia has been beckoning (@TimothyDSnyder's word) to America's far right wing for decades . . .

7/ Russia long ago won the hearts of American evangelicals when the US passed gay-rights laws and Putin's Russia became openly homophobic.

Richard Spencer, a leading American white supremacist, called Russia the “sole white power in the world.”

8/ Remember Christopher Paul Hasson (the guy planning to mass murder liberals)?

From page 3 of one of his Pretrial Motions:  https://www.scribd.com/document/400108811/Hasson-motion-for-Detention 

I could go on and on.

The Fox-Trump-GOP is in love with Russia 💕

9/ Reactionaries want to go backwards, and they think Russia can help.

The liberal view is different, and goes like this: America started out with some good ideas. Unfortunately, they only applied to a small group: well-educated white men.

10/ . . .as "we the people" expanded to include more people, the "union" became "more perfect."

Because they want to destroy, reactionaries are dangerous.

The good news: We outnumber them, and we're still a democracy.

That's why I keep posting my list:

Sorry @travisakers travisakers

I knew how you meant it. I just felt like having a Twitter Tirade.


I'll go even farther than this.
Right now, the State Dept. and National Security professionals are testifying to Congress that Trump and Giuliani's behavior in Ukraine endangered American national security.

Well, what they are doing is only a danger . . .

. . . to national security if you believe the US should be allied with Western Europe, and Ukraine should be allowed to be an independent democracy and part of NATO and the EU.

If, on the other hand, you think the US would be better off allied with Russia, and that . . .

. . . Russia has a right to Ukraine, then Trump wasn't endangering national security.

That's why Trump doesn't think he did anything wrong.
Dare I say, that's why @senatemajldr @GOPLeader @DevinNunes and pals are backing Trump.

They prefer a Russia-USA alliance.

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