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1/ Assume you are impressed by this (as you should be):

"From 1988 to 2018, Medallion returned 66.1% annually before fees. Net of fees, the gains were 39.1%. Estimated trading profits during those 30 years amounted to $104.5B." 

How do you learn more?

2/ You put Jim Simons and 25iQ in a search engine and you get my blog post on him:  Or you can use the index on the top of my blog and look for his name under the letter "s" (one of 300 posts).  Simons is after Tupac but before Biggie

3/ “Certain price patterns are nonrandom and will lead to a predictive effect.”

"We look at anomalies that may be small in size and brief in time.”

"We have three criteria. If it’s publicly traded, liquid and amenable to modeling, we trade it.”

Jim Simons, Renaissance Tech.

4/ "Simons looked to math and computers as ways to eliminate the emotional ups and downs of investing. 'I don’t want to have to worry about the market every minute. I want models that will make money while I sleep.'" 

5/ "How we do it isn’t any more mysterious than how a great fundamental investor does it. In some ways it is less mysterious because what we do can be programmed.” 

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