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Well, that turned out to be a decent stream. I did a playthrough of Pathologic 2's The Marble Nest DLC, which was an absolute horrible, deeply uncomfortable experience. Perfect for spooky season!

I got a massive raid from Jim Sterling too, which was hugely appreciated, but I wonder how folks felt about the tonal whiplash going from Jim's wrestling game hijinks to my creepy Russian arthouse game?

By the way, Pathologic 2 is on sale right now, and it's less than €20!

I don't know if it's a game I could recommend for everyone, it's downright upsetting to play, it makes you feel horrible, and you will have a bad time. 

I know it seems like an oversight not to have this on my Curator page yet, but it's a game that I really want to have a lot more time with first because it feels like I've barely grazed it. I want to recommend it, but I wanna be sure why I'm recommending it, if you get me?

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