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1/ on COAL

The largest private coal co in the US (Murray Energy) declared bankruptcy yesterday—8th such in last year.

10 yrs ago COAL was 50% of US electricity, today 25%
Over 250 plants have already (or will) shut down

US coal consumption is lowest since 1980...

2/ THREE main options for electricity

1. 🔥 Nat Gas
(> 150 new plants planned)

2. ☀️ “Far Fission”
aka solar aka ‘renewables’ (growing but insufficient)

3. ☢️ “Clean Fission”
aka zero-carbon atomic energy aka nuclear
(hated by unscientific greens ideologues)

3/ The EIA (Energy Info Admin.)—

the “smartest” people in energy for the US govt, putting out reports, with the most resources, birdseye view, data at their fingertips with a budget of $125M per year...

The word “Fracking” or “hydraulic fracturing” wasnt even MENTIONED in 2007.

4/ *FAR FUSION — not fission

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