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A classified drone designated with capturing cinematic b-roll during a special operations military assault is some real 2019 vibes.

I just hope the drone pilots yelled ‘LiveLeak’ when they burned down the compound

A really important slow burning story playing out right now is how militaries are evolving to the social media age, with the media strategies turning on a dime under a new Commander in Chief. Some missions appear to now be designed to be watched.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/10/28/why-obama-didnt-release-footage-raid-that-killed-osama-bin-laden/ 

The Turkish offensive beginning earlier this month, and the cascade of new media military might and propaganda tweeted out in Operation Peace Spring’s wake, really drives home the power of this medium. Trump’s tweets changed more than we know.

The IDF has also become quite good at social and leveraging footage of these Iron Dome incidences. It's an information ticker and lifeline as much as it is a display of power and might.

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