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whoa, hundreds of thousands of dollars over 20 years, wow, to make those numbers you'd have to pull down

*calculates frantically*

$20k annually

Trump: *sells West Virginia to Qatar for a zoning permit*
NYT: Many are saying this move represents a potential conflict of interest; others defend it

Warren: *makes an amount of money*

You guys it may have been $25k a year or EVEN as much as $50k a year if you can imagine the corrupting power of such a quantity of filthy lucre, ANYhoo Donald Trump paid a $25m settlement in 2016 for defrauding students and his children travel the world collecting favors


1) Bernie is A-OK with me but if you think Bernie not having to work for a corporation at some point makes him more trustworthy, than you also shouldn't trust me.

2) If you don't think they'll run the same game on Bernie anyway, you're nuts

If you prefer Bernie over Warren, OK with me, but walk cautious. If you want to push this framing, it'll getcha!

They'll go after the money he has.
They'll go after his houses.
Anything he's done involving money.
They'll just make shit up.

The NYT will report it the same way.

*I've* made 100s of thousands of dollars over 20 years from corporations.

I've made more over 20 years from corporations than they NYT is reporting Elizabeth Warren did.

It's how I made my way in the world, a world that I very much wish wasn't run by corporations.

No regrets.

A bullshit framing is never your friend. It might be leading to the top of the cliff you want to climb, but that ladder will collapse on you when you're halfway up it.

This is a tool they're going to use on ANY candidate who actually might make an improvement ...

... from whoever will make the most improvement (your favorite, whoever that may be) ...

... to the one who would make the least.

Support your favorite and go hard

Reject that tool

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