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I realize I have gained a lot of new followers over the past year, so everyone might not be familiar with my body of work. So, allow me to share some of my pieces. 1/10

I was the person who alerted the media to the fact that @RealBenCarson had his name on a paper that used aborted fetuses despite him saying abortion was never needed for research  2/10

I was the person who called out @realDonaldTrump’s scammy as shit medical letter when the press gave it a pass  3/10

I was the first to call out @GwynethPaltrow and @goop for giving an AIDS denialist a platform. Think @goop is so benign? They are a gateway to medical conspiracy theories.  4/10

I write a lot about vaginal shaming and the terrible consequences  5/10

I mined my person pain over the death of my son at birth to help people understand what it is like to be in the saddest sorority  6/10

I spoke up publicly about @realDonaldTrump and the @gop’s lies about infanticide. I was trolled mercilessly my forced birther publications for this, I knew they would buy it didn’t deter me  7/10

I wrote about the lie that “maternal health exemptions” mean anything in abortion legislation  8/10

And a book called The Vagina Bible and a TV show Jensplaining. Yes, I wrote about jade eggs (I’ve seen women harmed), but I have a large body of work and I am damn proud of ALL of it. 9/10

Professors tell me they have assigned my work as required reading! Just today someone told me they quoted The Vagina Bible in a paper. And people tell me my writing helps them get better medical care. So I’m good with me and my mission of empowerment through facts and fun! 10/0

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