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These slight changes to the AirPods design will really increase the time worn. It feels like we’re so close to environmental smart audio, and these feel much closer to the form factor that will get us there.

The other form factor that may breakout for true AR audio is glasses with directional speakers, like what Bose and Huawei have built. Much longer battery life, without the constraints (but also benefits) of noise reduction.

The time worn metric will truly approach 100% as these progress.

This will be a less obvious and slow moving shift, but it may have far greater impacts and consequences than the smartphone. We won’t be nearly as excited or enthralled, but we’ll adopt anyway.

Here are my deeper thoughts on where augmented audio, and augmentation more broadly, are going. We’re already seeing AirPods become our shield and crutch — and so much more of this will play out in the years ahead. It’s the more interesting story.

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