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When you have a criminal CEO and none of his associates will testify against him, the investigation against is not usually seen as a "partisan endeavor" by law enforcement but rather a "criminal conspiracy" by the stonewalling organization.

It's extraordinary the extent to which the Republican Party actually uses the very existence of an investigation, and the very existence of clear evidence of their wrongdoing, as proof that there is a conspiracy ... against THEM.

They've created a reality-proof voting base.

The lesson of all this has *got* to be that a party that does this is utterly destroyed politically.

There exists absolutely no outcome in which the nation survives as a democracy in which the Republican Party also survives.

They're an existential threat to the nation.

They're hostile to the idea of democracy.
Hostile to the idea of checks and balances.
To the idea of legislative governance.
To the idea that government can even be effective.
To equality under the law.
Even to the idea of the rule of law.

They have to go.

To vote for Republicans is to vote against the existence of America as it's presently constituted. As a democracy. As a country that aspires to equality. As a part of the free world.

It really is that stark and that simple.

They all have to go.

Trump is a criminal on multiple fronts.
A threat to national security.
Working against the national interests to enrich himself.
A boor and a bully and an idiot and a fool.
A white supremacist and a nationalist.

And *every* Republican will vote to acquit.

They all have to go.

He isn't some strange spore that took them over.

He's exactly—EXACTLY—what the GOP has been deliberately strategically working toward for sixty years: an alternate reality in which America is a different more fearful place for all but the rich and powerful.

They all have to go.

It is unhealthy behavior to pretend that the Republican Party is something other than it is—and anti-democratic dominationist organization animated by greed and every kind of bigotry.

And it's unhealthy behavior to pretend that voting for such a party isn't a hostile act.

They're locked in; they're unreachable.

They'll impose this grim authoritarian alternate reality on us if we let them. They'll make us live their dark and hateful dream in which only they matter.

They all have to go.

Organize, contribute, vote, participate, protest, march.

And then, when we win, keep doing it.

Keep doing it until they're all gone.

Vote them out. Impeach the rest.

There can be no return to normal for any of them. We can have no time for any who would give them that opportunity.

They are what they are.

They all have to go.

They aren't corrupt because they have a corrupt president.
They have a corrupt president because they prefer corruption.

And so for authoritarianism
And bigotry
And sexism and sexual assault
And lying

They are what they are.

They all have to go.

There have in the past been organizations so toxic, so antithetical to our shared humanity, that membership in them are by themselves disqualifying to public trust.

Republicans are now such a party.

It's not divisive to say so—it's divisive to ignore.

They all have to go.

It's over. They've made their choice. They can't take it back.

Any redemption must involve confession.

Any forgiveness must recognize a trust so shattered that nobody responsible can ever be allowed to hold power again.

Vote them all out and don't stop until it's done.

They're hostile to democracy as a concept. They're doing everything they can do destroy it, subvert it, twist it, restrict it, end it.

A vote for Republicans at any level is a vote to end our nation's existence as a democracy.

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