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QUESTION: If the Republican Party excommunicates Justin Amash just so they can later claim that Amash's vote in favor of an impeachment inquiry doesn't make the vote bipartisan, isn't it *incumbent* on media to acknowledge that that's a scam and call the vote "bipartisan" anyway?

1/ In other words, why is the GOP being permitted to engineer a claim that the vote for an impeachment inquiry was wholly "partisan" by throwing out of the party anyone who would've voted in favor of it? That seems like a game of Three Card Monte that no reporter should fall for.

2/ And no, I am not at *all* convinced by the argument that "Amash voluntarily left" the party. He had been threatened in every single way you can threaten a politician, including the loss of all committee assignments, so let's not pretend that the GOP didn't *engineer* his exit.

PS/ I worded this question as a sarcastic hypothetical. I'm very much referring to what happened *months ago* to Amash, i.e. him leaving the party months ago. I'm saying Republicans were aware at the time that this would mean his vote for impeachment wouldn't count as a GOP vote.

NOTE/ Someone points out below that Amash as an Independent still makes the vote for impeachment arguably "bipartisan" (Amash doesn't caucus with the Democrats). But I haven't seen a reporter refer to it as such. They imply instead that only elected Democrats support impeachment.

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