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"I identify as..."
"Did you just assume..."
"I identify as..."
"Did you just assume..."
"I identify as..."
"Did you just assume..."
"I identify as..."
"Did you just assume..."
"I identify as..."
"Did you just assume..."
I'm stuck in an endless loop of the two jokes!

I identify as I'm trapped in a Gervais signularity
Did you just assume I need help, please somebody!
I identit hurts
Did yououiuoouu juuuuuussssseeeeend heeeeelp

I identify as a suspended in preputial void
Did you just assume time is a relative construct now, unknowable and unkind
All I know now is I identify as a...
Did you just assume it's been 6, 7 years now...
I identify as the same joke.
Did you just assume folding in on itself

"I identify as..." I say repeatedly, to an increasingly on edge group of onlookers, the slow realisation that something is horribly wrong setting in as I struggle to say anything else, the words contorting and distorting any meaning.

"Iiiiiiii aaaiiiiideeeentiifffaaaayyyy..."

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