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How about if I attach a few threads, and see if these help puzzle out the mystery of the current GOP.

1/ See this one: The GOP is no longer conservative, it is reactionary:

To take us backwards, reactionaries have to destroy.

Oops, that link was to the blog post.

Here it is as a thread:

The "again" in MAGA signals reactionist politics.

When was America great?

Certainly before the New Deal.

Stand by for a thread on the meaning of MAGA and all that Trump lawbreaking. . .

More on MAGA / the Reactionary GOP, and all that lawbreaking, here ⤵️

Then, of course, there is Russia, the quintessential Mafia state.

Stand by for a thread about the Trump-Fox-GOP-Putin love affair 💕 . . .

Here you go: ⤵️

When I first starting writing Twitter threads, someone said, "You can't express complex ideas on Twitter."

Then I figured out how to embed threads in other threads.

Me: "Oh yeah? I'll bet I could write a dissertation on Twitter."

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